IT Support Has Numerous Benefits

It Support

IT Support Has Numerous Benefits

IT Support is a generic service which supports users of certain technology products or services based on the level of complexity of usage. IT Support services cover hardware, software, firmware, networking, security, and other related services to enhance online or offline operation. IT Support service is an integrated computer help desk solution that offers end-to-end technical assistance and advice for businesses. IT Support service can be provided through local phone support or Internet access. IT Support service is also referred to as PC support, help desk, or server support.

Many companies today are outsourcing IT Support to various third party vendors such as Microsoft, Cisco, ShoreTel, IBM, Oracle, and others. Outsourcing IT Support allows many companies to concentrate on core business processes rather than being bogged down with system level IT issues. However, IT Support has its own pros and cons. A major benefit of outsourcing is time efficiency. Businesses do not have to spend valuable employee time on System support, data recovery, upgrades, or troubleshooting.

Many companies are using IT Support as a cost effective method to improve their IT infrastructure and increase productivity. IT Support includes the provision of hardware, software, and processes associated with information technology. IT Support provides assistance in troubleshooting problems associated with hardware, software, firmware, networking, security, and backup. IT Support includes support for the following: configuration and installation, design, installation, training and support, documentation updates and downloads, security fixes, recovery and integration issues, enhancement and integration, training and support for applications and application development, support for personnel changes, updates and installation of new technologies, documentation modifications, training requirements evaluation, training needs analysis, project management, project testing and certification. In order to provide IT Support, the companies follow some IT Support guidelines:

There are different types of IT Support and some depend upon the nature of the client’s business. For instance, in a BPO (Business Processing Outsourcing), the support staff is usually from the same company that manufactures the software products. In an IaaS (Infrastructure-as-a-Service) the IT Support is provided by a third party vendor and the client gets software products as well as support services from the vendor. On the other hand, in a SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) the IT Support is provided by the vendor and the client gets only software products.

Companies providing IT Support services offer different levels of service based upon the type of business and also according to the technological support they offer. Remote support services are the most popular ones. In this type of support, the IT Support personnel or techs are located at the client’s location. On the other hand, in telephonic tech support, the IT Support staff is located at the client’s place but the connection is made through a telephone line. Telephonic tech support can be used for small scale businesses which have just a few employees and do not have many techs.

Live chat options help you to get in touch with your IT Support Company easily and live. In case of a telephonic call, the customer service representative can provide valuable information about your hardware and software setup. This helps the techs understand your problems better and in turn, can solve them easily. Live chat options are also helpful when you encounter any technical difficulty during your IT Support Services.

Knowledge management is one of the key features of IT Support services. With knowledge management, your tech support personnel are trained to answer specific questions related to your hardware and software setup. The knowledge management process helps your end user to cite any particular problem in their queries and get it solved.

There are certain important points to keep in mind while outsourcing your IT Support Services. First of all, don’t hire a telephonic only vendor. Hire a tech support personnel who has the capability to respond to telephones, e-mailed reports, and live chat options. A Technical Account Manager (TAM) is an important part of all managed services teams. It is the responsibility of the IT Manager to provide knowledge management support to the team as a whole, and cite any specific problem if required.