IT Support Specialist – The Job Description and Requirements

IT support refers to services which certain entities offer to clients of certain technology products or services offered by them. In simple terms, IT support provides assistance to clients in terms of particular issues with a technological product or service, and not providing customized support, provisioning or modification of that product, or any other technical support services, as is the case with computer and network support. It is also referred to as IT service support. The activities supporting IT services include installation, configuration and maintenance of technological products. Some typical IT services include application support, application testing, security support, network support, desktop support, server support, desktop management, system management, consulting services, web site design and development, software testing, and training.

One of the requirements for IT support specialists is to have good knowledge in all the related technical subjects. It helps to have a good command on computers and their programs. Some basic knowledge in web designing is helpful. Some of the skills required by IT support specialists include the following: working with different operating systems, including Linux, UNIX, Windows, and others; comprehending hardware, networking, and software; keeping track of upgrades and plug-ins; reading manuals and usage guides; studying various software applications; and knowing how to perform troubleshooting techniques. IT support specialists usually require at least a bachelor’s degree in computer science, along with many years of experience.

A number of jobs in IT support specialists can be found in the field of entertainment. DVD duplication is one such job. Other positions in IT support specialists can include game console support specialist, network support specialist, video game controller, software engineer/programmer, and information technology (IT) consultant. To work as a hardware technician, one needs to have a solid understanding of computer hardware. As a support specialist, the person can help software manufacturers develop new software products.

With a good knowledge on new software programs, IT support specialists are called upon to test the program. Testing is a very important part of IT support, since faulty software programs can be very costly. It is therefore necessary to test the software before releasing it in the market for wide distribution. This means that there should be no defects in the program.

A support specialist job description also indicates that the person should have knowledge about managing network hardware. Network hardware includes routers and integrated network card, interconnect cards, network switches, PC Integrated Servers, network interface cards, storage area network, and network drives. The support specialist should be proficient in managing network hardware. Some typical network problems that involve IT support specialists include maintenance of computer systems, installation or repair of fax machines, modems, network cabling, network servers, or backup/recovery of data.

Another skill that is required by IT support specialists is good oral and written communication skills. Communication skills are required not only in selling the software product but also in training and advising clients on IT products. IT support specialists are expected to have good writing skills in English and a good command of the language. IT support specialists may have to train or instruct customers on hardware and software installation, troubleshooting, maintenance, and troubleshooting computer related issues. Good written and oral communication skills are required not only in selling the software but also in training and advising clients.

An IT specialist job description also indicates that the person should possess a good knowledge on information technology policies and practices as they relate to the computer industry. The person will likely need to consult with managers and other supervisors to find solutions to technical issues. The IT specialist is likely to be involved in training employees and providing education and guidance to staff on IT policies and practices. Training staff on computer networking and software applications will be another requirement of the IT specialist. IT professionals are also likely to be involved in providing network security services to companies as well.

If you want to work as an IT professional you must be prepared to provide excellent customer service skills. In the IT support job description you will probably find that your primary responsibilities will involve providing technical support to computer systems. Your IT support job description will indicate that you should provide solutions to hardware problems as well as software related issues. You should work in close collaboration with computer systems administrators, network designers and other department managers.