Historic Scores are not rankings. Please do not use 'scores' on this page
to represent the quality of a bot or use it with the phrase "of all time" of refer to
this as a "rank". Only Rank History placement should be used for historic rankings.

If I continue to see and hear "History Scores" used to define the
quality of a Bot I will simply remove the History Scores from BotRank.

<not a rank>1531.011301 Solaris5442/122007-02-17
<not a rank>1505.380004 P.I.T.B.4739/82007-02-17
<not a rank>1496.767910 Alos5643/132005-04-09
<not a rank>1483.091218 Ntertainment4533/122007-10-20
<not a rank>1474.099741 Rants Pants6042/182007-02-17
<not a rank>1437.960357 Surgical Strike5841/172011-10-15
<not a rank>1425.770341 Lil Shocker4432/122006-06-16
<not a rank>1411.264754 Wedgio3124/72007-06-15
<not a rank>1409.755748 Ricochet4532/132006-09-16
<not a rank>1404.834741 Chigger4127/142005-10-22
<not a rank>1402.396382 KamiKaze3627/92016-07-07
<not a rank>1400.962130 Pé de Pano3023/72017-07-06
<not a rank>1386.552983 Bozo4428/162017-07-06
<not a rank>1384.683061 Tourinho1413/12008-07-26
<not a rank>1382.987923 Bullet2115/62007-06-15
<not a rank>1371.356705 Dark Blade1914/52007-02-17
<not a rank>1364.002070 Target Practice3725/122007-06-15
<not a rank>1361.276256 Cataclysm99/02013-02-15
<not a rank>1357.924202 T-Bone4730/172016-10-01
<not a rank>1357.287160 Attrition2015/52016-02-21
<not a rank>1354.430748 Cachorro Louco4429/152017-07-06
<not a rank>1347.850800 TarugoBot3725/122017-07-06
<not a rank>1346.637618 IO1914/52004-10-08
<not a rank>1338.582098 Scurrie2215/72009-07-18
<not a rank>1326.605154 Touro Jr3523/122017-07-06
<not a rank>1324.001181 Death Dealer1310/32008-02-09
<not a rank>1322.395056 Apex1912/72016-10-01
<not a rank>1322.389750 LARANJA MECÂNICA1712/52016-07-07
<not a rank>1320.331489 Igoo2315/82008-02-15
<not a rank>1319.247609 Orthus2315/82017-07-06
<not a rank>1317.098704 Zandor2315/82013-02-15
<not a rank>1314.089596 Foobar108/22009-02-21
<not a rank>1313.783736 Apollyon1712/52013-02-15
<not a rank>1313.034830 Flight Risk2114/72006-04-08
<not a rank>1312.309841 Mr. Shadow2718/92007-06-15
<not a rank>1308.343691 Xupa Cabra66/02017-07-06
<not a rank>1297.971384 Payback55/02003-04-12
<not a rank>1295.687515 Dagger1913/62005-05-22
<not a rank>1292.377706 War Drums4728/192012-02-18
<not a rank>1292.335067 BlueGill1711/62003-04-12
<not a rank>1290.957817 Muzamboy2012/82017-07-06
<not a rank>1290.833151 Delaybot129/32012-06-07
<not a rank>1288.604526 Torrent139/42009-02-21
<not a rank>1287.117259 Cosmic Chaos139/42004-06-19
<not a rank>1285.739275 Taurus55/02007-03-10
<not a rank>1284.653763 Not Disko55/02016-02-21
<not a rank>1282.111500 Truncation2816/122005-02-19
<not a rank>1281.451612 Blunt Instrument149/52008-05-24
<not a rank>1281.221154 Cotchoco86/22017-07-06
<not a rank>1281.123773 Spatula2917/122005-11-12
<not a rank>1276.266941 Mustang97/22007-03-10
<not a rank>1274.976998 Scratch3320/132007-06-15
<not a rank>1271.926618 Organ Grinder (12)65/12008-09-21
<not a rank>1270.435967 Replicant Deluxe44/02004-01-17
<not a rank>1267.479837 National Razor44/02005-04-01
<not a rank>1261.581914 Gone Postal3519/162005-02-19
<not a rank>1260.140116 Puminha2012/82013-07-06
<not a rank>1259.742116 PneuQ2159/62004-05-01
<not a rank>1259.473373 Tyrant117/42004-05-01
<not a rank>1259.063749 Deadly Donkey1711/62005-02-19
<not a rank>1258.405975 Fiasco4725/222013-09-21
<not a rank>1258.254674 Devour75/22011-02-18
<not a rank>1258.106705 One Fierce BullDog86/22006-02-18
<not a rank>1258.071159 AlphaQ jr.54/12007-06-15
<not a rank>1257.938827 Very Bad Thing96/32005-02-19
<not a rank>1256.829392 CheepShot 3.04024/162008-05-24
<not a rank>1255.435819 Strike75/22010-10-24
<not a rank>1252.875334 P.O.'d Gerbil138/52004-01-17
<not a rank>1250.307522 SPECTRUM75/22007-07-28
<not a rank>1248.530858 SkittleBrau2212/102006-02-18
<not a rank>1248.183469 Scoopula2011/92008-10-11
<not a rank>1246.589575 Pushy Bots Still Rule2514/112004-01-17
<not a rank>1246.032106 Shag5330/232016-10-01
<not a rank>1245.936975 New Trem117/42012-06-07
<not a rank>1245.106682 91175/22016-10-08
<not a rank>1244.227740 Butcher2011/92016-10-08
<not a rank>1242.027157 Dexahedron64/22006-07-22
<not a rank>1241.891478 Neutrino106/42003-02-22
<not a rank>1241.591434 Megadon64/22017-01-27
<not a rank>1239.652210 Deranged64/22009-02-21
<not a rank>1238.751940 TICO&TECO1911/82014-07-17
<not a rank>1238.459037 Lasca Bit64/22007-07-28
<not a rank>1238.071465 Shear Terror43/12007-09-22
<not a rank>1237.244253 VD2.095/42005-03-24
<not a rank>1236.990793 Disko22/02015-10-24
<not a rank>1236.953766 Last Minute Monkey64/22003-07-19
<not a rank>1236.731918 Mephit168/82008-10-11
<not a rank>1236.677305 Little Yellow Bus106/42005-07-02
<not a rank>1236.314508 Reading Terror Squad64/22004-10-16
<not a rank>1235.559341 G264/22003-06-14
<not a rank>1235.383992 Quadra64/22003-01-18
<not a rank>1235.312402 Raven148/62011-02-12
<not a rank>1234.976911 Greetings64/22006-02-18
<not a rank>1234.774395 Orion Jr.64/22016-07-07
<not a rank>1233.826486 Trebuchet22/02004-07-24
<not a rank>1233.178850 Tough Nut64/22012-02-18
<not a rank>1232.886941 Shish53/22004-10-08
<not a rank>1232.607366 Isotelus Rex138/52016-02-21
<not a rank>1232.039794 Racha Cuca64/22008-07-26
<not a rank>1230.991886 Xenophobia95/42004-03-20
<not a rank>1230.674375 RK.07106/42007-10-06
<not a rank>1230.405445 Voices 243/12003-03-04
<not a rank>1229.013327 Dandelion189/92004-10-08
<not a rank>1228.710126 Phantom105/52017-07-06
<not a rank>1228.542865 Spinning Hunter148/62008-07-26
<not a rank>1227.299180 Hexy Macro95/42007-03-10
<not a rank>1226.716848 Wunderbar53/22009-02-21
<not a rank>1226.004039 Fabuloso95/42017-07-06
<not a rank>1225.442832 NumbSkull53/22004-10-08
<not a rank>1223.856020 Corona53/22005-02-19
<not a rank>1223.522911 Terminal Impact53/22005-03-24
<not a rank>1222.870449 Twitchy53/22004-01-17
<not a rank>1222.328825 Voices II168/82005-07-02
<not a rank>1221.797793 Unspecified Threat116/52009-02-21
<not a rank>1221.761795 Ninja Warrior74/32017-01-27
<not a rank>1221.691904 Orion Baby53/22008-07-26
<not a rank>1221.581491 DENT!53/22003-02-22
<not a rank>1221.509896 Not a VD179/82009-02-21
<not a rank>1220.211141 George Hotz53/22006-09-02
<not a rank>1220.137539 Toperinha53/22007-10-06
<not a rank>1219.849705 The Mantis Brothers32/12009-02-07
<not a rank>1219.742233 Kato53/22005-03-24
<not a rank>1219.606981 Angry Dragon53/22003-04-12
<not a rank>1219.206490 Space Invader53/22011-10-07
<not a rank>1219.177492 Blithering Idiot53/22005-05-22
<not a rank>1219.128844 Orca53/22003-04-12
<not a rank>1218.763335 Catch 2253/22004-02-20
<not a rank>1218.228371 Ray Barsa53/22006-09-02
<not a rank>1218.013854 Turbo53/22003-07-19
<not a rank>1217.965394 Terror Lite95/42003-09-19
<not a rank>1217.781102 Capital Punishment11/02008-07-12
<not a rank>1217.575874 Slingblade32/12017-01-27
<not a rank>1217.500000 Cimmerian Antweight11/02002-12-15
<not a rank>1217.500000 J-111/02008-02-15
<not a rank>1217.472839 Guaxinim32/12007-10-06
<not a rank>1217.148455 Anonymous32/12013-02-15
<not a rank>1217.074574 Mr. Plow11/02003-02-08
<not a rank>1217.026222 Daffodil53/22002-01-17
<not a rank>1216.912582 Backstabber11/02002-12-15
<not a rank>1216.804269 Cantankerous Cowpoke 3.053/22004-09-03
<not a rank>1216.592625 Buck Wild53/22003-02-22
<not a rank>1216.502220 Mr. Spinner Destroyer11/02003-02-08
<not a rank>1216.431735 Freshies53/22016-10-08
<not a rank>1215.836465 Anaphoric Antagonist74/32003-02-22
<not a rank>1215.386009 A la ursa189/92017-07-06
<not a rank>1215.321607 Sleepwalker53/22003-05-24
<not a rank>1213.157955 RK.0853/22008-07-26
<not a rank>1212.600228 Fulton 12.095/42005-05-07
<not a rank>1212.442741 Snitch95/42004-03-20
<not a rank>1212.312251 Vortex11/02015-02-20
<not a rank>1211.737396 Vapor Trail84/42007-02-17
<not a rank>1211.261062 Goose42/22006-06-16
<not a rank>1211.131844 Test Bot189/92008-02-15
<not a rank>1210.274989 ninja126/62012-06-07
<not a rank>1209.784215 Chop Block53/22015-02-20
<not a rank>1209.184172 Snowflake42/22016-07-07
<not a rank>1209.139331 AIf42/22005-02-19
<not a rank>1208.923843 Thumper21/12016-06-19
<not a rank>1208.740943 Spector189/92009-07-18
<not a rank>1207.446052 12lbs of Irritation42/22003-08-30
<not a rank>1207.443498 Natasha42/22004-07-02
<not a rank>1207.338531 VBT12115/62004-07-02
<not a rank>1206.909368 Maximum Impact42/22005-02-19
<not a rank>1206.614466 SUPER Conceputal Chaos42/22008-10-11
<not a rank>1206.231543 Minor Threat 242/22016-02-21
<not a rank>1206.085987 Aleph42/22008-07-26
<not a rank>1206.033729 Crushing Defeat63/32009-10-11
<not a rank>1205.643154 ARTILLERÍA LIGERA42/22015-06-04
<not a rank>1204.909704 Upchuck3216/162014-10-18
<not a rank>1204.775764 Flatline42/22013-09-21
<not a rank>1204.671918 Zanbatou42/22004-06-19
<not a rank>1204.648823 Kitt84/42006-08-11
<not a rank>1204.591639 Apogee21/12007-06-15
<not a rank>1204.150906 Jason old42/22017-07-06
<not a rank>1203.852029 Vórtice42/22014-07-17
<not a rank>1203.824272 Monxtro168/82017-07-06
<not a rank>1203.688973 Juleska42/22017-07-06
<not a rank>1203.387241 BadBot84/42016-07-07
<not a rank>1203.045971 Tombscone42/22005-06-04
<not a rank>1202.245909 Quaternion42/22005-02-05
<not a rank>1201.826337 Toxic115/62005-11-12
<not a rank>1201.821827 Odin42/22016-10-08
<not a rank>1201.575367 Bye42/22016-02-21
<not a rank>1201.547437 Boop42/22016-10-08
<not a rank>1201.501109 Mini-Maddgoth21/12006-09-30
<not a rank>1201.416708 Doomba21/12009-10-11
<not a rank>1201.158596 Unsportsmanlike Conduct126/62008-02-09
<not a rank>1201.145202 Steel 'n Shock21/12016-02-21
<not a rank>1201.068772 P.B.S.R. (Pushy Bots Still Rule)42/22004-03-20
<not a rank>1201.048034 Hammer of Godlet42/22003-06-14
<not a rank>1200.671520 Jason V42/22011-10-07
<not a rank>1200.587418 TESLA21/12007-07-28
<not a rank>1200.552168 The Prussian Pitchfork of Pain42/22005-02-19
<not a rank>1200.543518 Bob Esponja42/22007-07-28
<not a rank>1200.528926 Little Hoover42/22002-12-07
<not a rank>1200.145466 Replicant Reloaded63/32003-07-19
<not a rank>1200.056550 Mo-Bot42/22003-02-07
<not a rank>1200.024784 Caboclo21/12013-07-06
<not a rank>1200.015548 Cheep Shot 2.0126/62005-04-01
<not a rank>1199.546505 Alf Alpha42/22008-02-15
<not a rank>1199.489476 Anaphoric Antagonist 1.142/22003-01-18
<not a rank>1199.458734 Arrogator42/22003-07-19
<not a rank>1199.395435 Tapdancer42/22003-01-18
<not a rank>1199.358559 Daikon42/22003-06-14
<not a rank>1199.197374 Ingor21/12006-08-19
<not a rank>1199.185669 DM-1147/72006-09-09
<not a rank>1198.977984 Jack Daniels42/22003-02-22
<not a rank>1198.947749 Jester21/12007-03-10
<not a rank>1198.845217 Dominator42/22012-06-07
<not a rank>1198.844867 Fork-U-Later42/22002-12-07
<not a rank>1198.838899 Nanicolino42/22007-07-28
<not a rank>1198.830697 Belladonna168/82003-10-05
<not a rank>1198.542348 Terminator III84/42012-06-07
<not a rank>1198.147370 Wreckfest2412/122004-08-07
<not a rank>1197.949228 Fork Bot84/42005-02-19
<not a rank>1197.467502 Bad Ass Bot42/22004-05-29
<not a rank>1197.151836 Turkatron42/22005-10-15
<not a rank>1197.109234 Mini V42/22004-05-29
<not a rank>1196.722068 Lobo do Kaes63/32012-06-07
<not a rank>1194.573387 Q23014/162004-09-03
<not a rank>1193.621848 (WRONG)Tyrant31/22006-06-16
<not a rank>1193.224872 WallyWedge31/22006-06-16
<not a rank>1192.984491 ViraBot31/22017-07-06
<not a rank>1192.572411 Savuquinha146/82016-07-07
<not a rank>1192.493759 Shroom of Doom41/32006-09-16
<not a rank>1192.178608 Ripto UlTimate94/52016-02-21
<not a rank>1190.955568 Twelve Pound Spider31/22004-10-08
<not a rank>1190.281208 not so big crunch31/22005-03-24
<not a rank>1189.846439 Sling Blade73/42016-10-01
<not a rank>1189.682586 Dog of War94/52017-07-06
<not a rank>1189.329375 Stilletto31/22006-06-16
<not a rank>1189.154213 Rock Solid31/22007-06-15
<not a rank>1188.978934 Flat Line177/102013-02-15
<not a rank>1188.767291 DoorStop31/22011-10-15
<not a rank>1188.705394 Robo Cripple <-- Farted31/22005-02-19
<not a rank>1188.680176 A Little Pushy10/12003-07-04
<not a rank>1188.496408 C-UNIT!31/22005-04-09
<not a rank>1188.494771 Godzilla31/22013-07-06
<not a rank>1188.176186 Bacillus31/22004-02-20
<not a rank>1188.115862 Not A VDD31/22006-02-18
<not a rank>1188.111239 Not Manic31/22005-02-19
<not a rank>1188.077313 12 lbs of Irritation31/22003-10-05
<not a rank>1187.581103 Gnarly Pirate31/22011-10-15
<not a rank>1187.560136 SanhAÇO31/22017-07-06
<not a rank>1187.371456 Bomb31/22017-07-06
<not a rank>1186.951951 CEB-231/22013-07-06
<not a rank>1186.934764 ROBO Z31/22014-07-17
<not a rank>1186.656014 Underdog31/22004-10-08
<not a rank>1186.638680 Fire31/22005-06-04
<not a rank>1186.352491 A.W.E.S.O.M.E.-O 400031/22009-07-18
<not a rank>1186.312384 Raisin Blades31/22006-02-18
<not a rank>1186.194656 Wedge of Deception31/22005-03-24
<not a rank>1186.138921 Amontillado Brick31/22003-02-22
<not a rank>1185.993541 Oppenheimer31/22012-02-18
<not a rank>1185.976179 ManBearPig31/22008-02-15
<not a rank>1185.948468 Big Bunny Fu Fu52/32005-05-22
<not a rank>1185.862717 LittleBytes31/22005-09-17
<not a rank>1185.531659 CHIKIRIDE52/32017-07-06
<not a rank>1185.326811 Short Order31/22003-02-22
<not a rank>1185.238522 Eraser31/22014-07-17
<not a rank>1185.075160 Hyper Drive31/22015-02-20
<not a rank>1185.017687 Pinball31/22010-10-24
<not a rank>1185.008226 Pouncing Penguin73/42003-10-05
<not a rank>1184.852421 12 Pound Spider31/22004-01-17
<not a rank>1184.771518 What The Truck31/22003-02-07
<not a rank>1184.700270 Remarkable Stan31/22008-02-15
<not a rank>1184.407439 Partial Control10/12007-09-22
<not a rank>1184.213782 Xpow73/42008-07-26
<not a rank>1184.211968 CarroVelho31/22012-06-07
<not a rank>1184.184181 Robobuzz31/22002-01-17
<not a rank>1184.179542 HOTTREE31/22008-07-26
<not a rank>1184.178769 CEMtinela31/22012-06-07
<not a rank>1184.107523 spider bot31/22007-10-06
<not a rank>1184.100729 RoboBoogieBot31/22007-03-10
<not a rank>1184.019323 G-Minus31/22004-10-16
<not a rank>1184.005997 Trem73/42012-06-07
<not a rank>1183.850956 Sepioteuthis52/32004-08-14
<not a rank>1183.420442 Secret Weapon31/22008-02-15
<not a rank>1183.357605 control-alt-delete31/22004-08-14
<not a rank>1183.268127 Beefmaster31/22004-09-03
<not a rank>1183.263525 Drakon Baby Evolution73/42013-07-06
<not a rank>1183.182930 Fenilciclidina31/22008-07-26
<not a rank>1183.166419 Bots31/22007-10-06
<not a rank>1183.108288 hax0r31/22008-02-15
<not a rank>1183.067693 claw of winner31/22007-07-28
<not a rank>1183.045625 Another Fierce Weed-Wacker62/42005-02-19
<not a rank>1182.905377 Organ Grinder31/22009-04-12
<not a rank>1182.677436 The Reading Terror Squad31/22004-07-02
<not a rank>1182.578278 Porcupine31/22005-03-24
<not a rank>1182.578187 T34 Jr31/22005-03-24
<not a rank>1182.500000 3-Hole Punch10/12002-01-17
<not a rank>1182.500000 Binder 39.2010/12016-02-21
<not a rank>1182.500000 Careless Crusher10/12016-10-08
<not a rank>1182.500000 One Fierce Dragon Fly10/12011-02-18
<not a rank>1182.500000 Scrapyard Ninja10/12016-06-19
<not a rank>1182.500000 Splat10/12002-01-17
<not a rank>1182.500000 The Big Bruiser10/12016-10-08
<not a rank>1182.498925 BFD31/22003-02-07
<not a rank>1182.347754 AGRESSOR31/22007-07-28
<not a rank>1182.304844 Test Toaster .1231/22006-06-16
<not a rank>1182.236500 Biff31/22009-10-11
<not a rank>1182.062630 Robot Ford's Meltdown10/12014-10-18
<not a rank>1181.912582 Algelin10/12007-07-28
<not a rank>1181.912582 leobot10/12014-07-17
<not a rank>1181.912582 Pretendo31/22003-02-07
<not a rank>1181.912582 Ultima Hora31/22007-07-28
<not a rank>1181.911831 FoiceBot31/22017-07-06
<not a rank>1181.883108 Mazzaropi31/22011-10-07
<not a rank>1181.852695 Stratosphere199/102012-06-07
<not a rank>1181.809145 Gigarange10/12007-10-20
<not a rank>1181.697244 Crazy Larry II31/22006-06-16
<not a rank>1181.670738 Ni31/22003-08-30
<not a rank>1181.422011 Flying-W31/22003-01-18
<not a rank>1181.241382 BergamotaZil10/12016-07-07
<not a rank>1180.961225 Great Bobba Ganoush73/42006-06-16
<not a rank>1180.958343 Dooms Day31/22009-02-21
<not a rank>1180.853669 Pretoriano31/22012-06-07
<not a rank>1180.807380 Recycled Nuts10/12004-05-29
<not a rank>1180.794832 Prussian Pitchfork of Pain62/42006-02-18
<not a rank>1180.570798 Nar31/22004-02-20
<not a rank>1180.524881 Penalty Box31/22004-02-20
<not a rank>1180.438298 GutterBot31/22004-02-20
<not a rank>1180.353037 Cantankerous Cowpoke73/42011-02-18
<not a rank>1180.148417 Mantis Brothers10/12009-04-12
<not a rank>1179.421555 Urubu2310/132015-10-30
<not a rank>1179.352422 Striker52/32017-07-06
<not a rank>1178.700731 Shove It2712/152009-02-21
<not a rank>1178.432441 The Monitor20/22005-02-19
<not a rank>1178.401293 Obelus41/32011-02-18
<not a rank>1178.162596 Chrobbot104/62003-04-12
<not a rank>1177.962519 All Hail Kitty104/62005-04-09
<not a rank>1177.249990 NeoTier62/42004-08-07
<not a rank>1174.473974 Mr. Fluffles41/32003-07-04
<not a rank>1174.448294 Brutis146/82006-02-18
<not a rank>1174.375434 Max Planck62/42011-10-15
<not a rank>1174.256908 Running with Scissors93/62004-08-07
<not a rank>1173.988263 H Squared104/62004-02-20
<not a rank>1172.943302 Duck2310/132017-07-06
<not a rank>1172.651677 JOKER - E.R.62/42015-06-04
<not a rank>1172.314408 Venom20/22007-02-17
<not a rank>1172.090733 Kick-me Kate83/52007-06-15
<not a rank>1171.926788 Punishment20/22005-07-02
<not a rank>1171.857913 Child of the Corn20/22004-06-19
<not a rank>1171.185002 Quack20/22016-07-07
<not a rank>1170.963312 Modi20/22004-02-20
<not a rank>1170.772158 Terror Turtle20/22007-06-15
<not a rank>1170.671786 Transport Damage41/32003-03-04
<not a rank>1170.494172 H-Bomb20/22007-06-15
<not a rank>1170.045586 SPUN20/22009-02-21
<not a rank>1170.016961 Terminator20/22014-05-04
<not a rank>1169.908027 LASCA BIT 220/22008-07-26
<not a rank>1169.743798 Sofa King Awesome20/22005-10-15
<not a rank>1169.671244 Catatau20/22008-07-26
<not a rank>1169.003856 Massenmord20/22003-08-30
<not a rank>1168.935134 BLACK DOG20/22013-07-06
<not a rank>1168.770032 B Basher20/22004-03-20
<not a rank>1168.699423 Mad Mennonite20/22005-07-02
<not a rank>1168.588272 P20/22014-05-04
<not a rank>1168.557560 little pushy A20/22003-08-30
<not a rank>1168.555745 Trial Bot41/32005-04-01
<not a rank>1168.432290 GUAIAMUM41/32017-07-06
<not a rank>1168.342469 Mutt20/22004-09-03
<not a rank>1168.156161 Kick me Kate20/22004-03-20
<not a rank>1168.143807 Tammy Dumptruck20/22003-02-22
<not a rank>1168.085764 Lambchopper20/22007-06-15
<not a rank>1168.061551 Plan X-ish20/22015-10-24
<not a rank>1168.001786 Dizzy Dragon135/82004-05-01
<not a rank>1167.839237 Crazy Larry20/22005-03-24
<not a rank>1167.785442 Kepler 186f62/42017-07-06
<not a rank>1167.768337 Coup de Gracy20/22003-10-05
<not a rank>1167.733563 Robo Cripple20/22003-10-05
<not a rank>1167.492648 Sprawl20/22007-03-10
<not a rank>1167.482419 Maul20/22015-02-20
<not a rank>1167.464619 Hard Driver62/42008-02-09
<not a rank>1167.454472 AC-13020/22009-02-21
<not a rank>1167.430676 Gaoler20/22008-07-12
<not a rank>1167.338315 Shark Bait20/22003-09-19
<not a rank>1167.325753 Keizer20/22008-02-15
<not a rank>1167.323232 Top Gun20/22005-02-05
<not a rank>1167.208266 deWall20/22016-10-01
<not a rank>1167.180230 Cube of Doom62/42004-02-20
<not a rank>1167.166208 The Blues Mobile20/22007-02-17
<not a rank>1167.160356 Hyper Peppy20/22006-02-18
<not a rank>1167.089712 Kick Ass Bot20/22005-07-02
<not a rank>1166.863534 Daisy20/22010-10-24
<not a rank>1166.843788 GORT20/22007-10-20
<not a rank>1166.708768 Visibility20/22008-02-15
<not a rank>1166.428253 Ralph The Destroyer20/22003-04-12
<not a rank>1166.424167 TBAASAP20/22004-05-01
<not a rank>1166.380633 Pipe Dream20/22003-08-30
<not a rank>1166.351178 Dizzy Deez20/22007-09-22
<not a rank>1166.300770 Widener20/22016-10-08
<not a rank>1166.293393 Ash20/22007-02-17
<not a rank>1166.175297 Catster Dolpher20/22003-02-22
<not a rank>1166.173514 Mud Puppy20/22004-07-24
<not a rank>1166.161347 Calypso20/22011-02-18
<not a rank>1166.155133 URScrewed20/22002-01-17
<not a rank>1166.146497 Manamana20/22007-10-06
<not a rank>1166.145016 Tank Titan20/22012-06-07
<not a rank>1166.144126 LTFD135/82007-10-20
<not a rank>1166.059791 RAPTOR41/32013-07-06
<not a rank>1165.855104 Sem Saw41/32015-06-04
<not a rank>1165.843327 Planck20/22012-02-18
<not a rank>1165.740167 Furious!20/22011-10-07
<not a rank>1165.710847 Turkish Twist20/22004-05-01
<not a rank>1165.641145 Plowbot20/22004-01-17
<not a rank>1165.635995 TNT20/22004-02-20
<not a rank>1165.631984 Kismet Zero20/22007-09-22
<not a rank>1165.587418 Hammy20/22007-07-28
<not a rank>1165.587418 Scarab20/22003-02-07
<not a rank>1165.585520 Wolverine62/42003-07-19
<not a rank>1165.567693 Lift-O20/22002-12-07
<not a rank>1165.567693 Pitágoras20/22011-10-07
<not a rank>1165.390294 Spinulator20/22003-04-12
<not a rank>1165.378164 Jostler20/22006-08-11
<not a rank>1165.375540 Auto Destruct3314/192016-02-21
<not a rank>1165.326362 Haxor20/22008-10-11
<not a rank>1165.273239 Stanley Steamer20/22007-06-15
<not a rank>1165.267996 UFO of Doom20/22007-02-17
<not a rank>1165.179299 Hammer Head Jr.20/22003-08-30
<not a rank>1165.136422 Sticks & String20/22005-06-04
<not a rank>1165.134621 Ice Climbers20/22008-02-15
<not a rank>1165.126831 Virus20/22003-02-22
<not a rank>1165.063564 Son of X20/22005-02-19
<not a rank>1165.050644 Nothing Special20/22016-02-21
<not a rank>1165.019725 L'il Terror20/22003-01-18
<not a rank>1165.019725 Sharp Tooth20/22003-01-18
<not a rank>1165.019696 GAMBI-4RR420/22007-10-06
<not a rank>1165.017231 Ice 920/22003-07-19
<not a rank>1165.013358 Godzillla20/22017-07-06
<not a rank>1165.000000 Anger Management20/22003-02-22
<not a rank>1165.000000 Ferdinand20/22004-05-29
<not a rank>1165.000000 Hell On Wheels20/22003-02-07
<not a rank>1165.000000 JB JR20/22004-02-20
<not a rank>1165.000000 jhonny jr20/22007-07-28
<not a rank>1165.000000 MC Slammer20/22003-02-07
<not a rank>1165.000000 New Baphomet20/22011-10-07
<not a rank>1165.000000 Platypus20/22008-02-15
<not a rank>1165.000000 Ratoeira20/22014-07-17
<not a rank>1165.000000 Replicant XP20/22003-01-18
<not a rank>1165.000000 Screaming Kumbaya20/22002-12-07
<not a rank>1165.000000 SpazHammer20/22006-02-18
<not a rank>1165.000000 TARUGO20/22007-07-28
<not a rank>1164.971126 Janet Reno Dance Party 0.520/22004-09-03
<not a rank>1164.970527 Teenage Battle Ax20/22005-09-24
<not a rank>1164.857358 Pneumonia20/22014-07-17
<not a rank>1164.845111 Fluffasarus Rex20/22016-10-01
<not a rank>1164.758109 Sir Robin20/22003-05-24
<not a rank>1164.489242 SparBOT20/22005-03-24
<not a rank>1164.397581 Quebrou! Pagou!20/22015-06-04
<not a rank>1164.273136 Fairly Standard20/22009-10-11
<not a rank>1164.168935 Nudge62/42003-07-04
<not a rank>1164.086611 Cpl Die Blase20/22013-02-15
<not a rank>1164.059193 Boitatá20/22017-07-06
<not a rank>1164.051105 Abutre20/22016-07-07
<not a rank>1164.002870 Dr Sheepy20/22007-10-20
<not a rank>1163.927741 Bloodclot20/22003-06-14
<not a rank>1163.908251 Rock O20/22009-02-21
<not a rank>1163.903215 Drakon Baby20/22012-06-07
<not a rank>1163.885232 Seam Ripper20/22003-07-19
<not a rank>1163.856294 Angrier Dustpan20/22004-08-14
<not a rank>1163.829728 Cross Out the Eyes20/22003-04-12
<not a rank>1163.751261 ARTILLERÍA LIGERA B20/22015-06-04
<not a rank>1163.615080 High Gravity62/42005-09-17
<not a rank>1163.462743 Firefly20/22015-02-20
<not a rank>1163.414784 Squarebot20/22004-02-20
<not a rank>1163.413047 Dope-Fish20/22005-02-19
<not a rank>1163.373925 Hefferbot20/22008-02-15
<not a rank>1163.089766 Motorhead51/42011-09-11
<not a rank>1162.692213 Romulus166/102005-09-17
<not a rank>1162.662056 Nihilistic Naysayer 0.920/22010-10-24
<not a rank>1162.636362 Linus Pauling20/22011-10-15
<not a rank>1162.032541 Chopperface20/22008-02-15
<not a rank>1160.640349 cupinzeiro51/42016-07-07
<not a rank>1159.890777 That Stupid Brick93/62005-04-09
<not a rank>1158.941077 ZM ZM51/42003-07-04
<not a rank>1158.787658 Acute Pain2711/162011-02-18
<not a rank>1158.464041 Sir Nuts n Bolts72/52005-08-13
<not a rank>1157.866604 Steelheart51/42013-02-15
<not a rank>1157.685244 Hogzilla72/52017-01-27
<not a rank>1157.628654 Ingor Eater of Souls218/132009-02-21
<not a rank>1157.578199 Steel Stiletto51/42013-02-15
<not a rank>1156.943528 Ariano30/32017-07-06
<not a rank>1156.361770 Rellik249/152006-09-02
<not a rank>1156.210046 Cheep Shot51/42004-02-20
<not a rank>1155.802394 Rampinha Maluca82/62017-07-06
<not a rank>1155.552242 Jumbonator135/82014-02-20
<not a rank>1154.958413 Tricerabot51/42005-03-24
<not a rank>1154.846876 ExTerminator51/42014-07-17
<not a rank>1154.391366 Super Spatula51/42005-02-05
<not a rank>1154.379923 Mace103/72006-02-18
<not a rank>1153.779548 Edward SpinnerHands51/42003-04-12
<not a rank>1153.751433 It Doesn't Matter93/62003-02-08
<not a rank>1151.562404 Mow-Bot30/32006-04-08
<not a rank>1151.465816 Tazanturn51/42003-07-19
<not a rank>1151.398317 Turtle of Terror30/32009-07-18
<not a rank>1151.058775 Cantankerous Cowpoke 3.140/42005-09-17
<not a rank>1150.396313 Back in Black93/62007-02-17
<not a rank>1149.528352 Cantankerous Cowpoke 2.051/42004-01-30
<not a rank>1149.482840 Angry Texan Munchkin51/42004-01-17
<not a rank>1149.154161 Mini Maddgoth51/42007-03-24
<not a rank>1148.992804 Mini-Mauler135/82003-04-12
<not a rank>1148.958202 Shake Appeal51/42007-02-17
<not a rank>1148.594646 Andrômeda51/42012-06-07
<not a rank>1148.389080 Sparx51/42006-06-16
<not a rank>1147.680594 Tron51/42015-06-04
<not a rank>1145.846087 Anaphoric Antagonist 2.051/42004-09-03
<not a rank>1145.634985 Valmir134/92017-07-06
<not a rank>1143.618938 Defiantly Daft3415/192016-06-19
<not a rank>1143.408434 Redwood113/82008-02-15
<not a rank>1143.298325 Gamma Knife82/62005-10-15
<not a rank>1143.261862 Soy Boy Hola82/62013-07-06
<not a rank>1143.169609 T.A.12166/102003-10-05
<not a rank>1142.610368 Bad Idea40/42004-06-19
<not a rank>1142.371483 Pushy Thing of Doom124/82006-09-09
<not a rank>1139.302105 Rockwelder249/152011-02-12
<not a rank>1138.521252 Ceudos40/42016-07-07
<not a rank>1137.694433 Ranch Tooth40/42006-07-22
<not a rank>1136.879121 Sonic The Hedgehog113/82015-02-20
<not a rank>1136.455017 Uber Alles40/42004-02-20
<not a rank>1135.598287 Lenin's Tomb40/42003-06-14
<not a rank>1135.559173 Disc Obsession71/62005-11-12
<not a rank>1135.548351 Robo-Hobo40/42004-05-01
<not a rank>1135.445465 battle brick166/102006-09-02
<not a rank>1135.025586 Last Minute Solution40/42005-05-22
<not a rank>1134.543505 Nihilistic Naysayer 2.040/42013-02-15
<not a rank>1134.111825 Pummel40/42007-02-17
<not a rank>1134.104504 Xtractor40/42012-06-07
<not a rank>1133.059503 Rolly Polly40/42004-09-03
<not a rank>1132.743312 Better than Sex40/42004-10-16
<not a rank>1132.323804 Tier40/42003-06-14
<not a rank>1132.158671 Jason155/102017-07-06
<not a rank>1131.841478 Penalty Shot40/42006-02-18
<not a rank>1131.440169 Pocket Knife40/42003-03-08
<not a rank>1131.033389 ROBO-CEB40/42015-06-04
<not a rank>1128.994815 Remus71/62004-10-08
<not a rank>1127.544317 Bubba176/112008-02-15
<not a rank>1124.908583 Waste of Aluminum71/62006-09-02
<not a rank>1123.388835 Trivial71/62009-02-21
<not a rank>1119.702789 Floor Monkey71/62007-03-24
<not a rank>1119.215676 Eye of the Tiger71/62003-07-19
<not a rank>1110.158214 Mad Puppy81/72006-04-29
<not a rank>1108.464612 BlackHawk60/62004-03-20
<not a rank>1101.950144 Bling Bling60/62005-02-05
<not a rank>1100.418514 Blankinha60/62013-07-06
<not a rank>1099.707935 Lycan154/112017-07-06
<not a rank>1079.456270 FacaBot184/142017-07-06
<not a rank>1076.317180 Blitzer80/82005-07-02
<not a rank>1028.415393 Placebo141/132015-02-20