Historic Scores are not rankings. Please do not use 'scores' on this page
to represent the quality of a bot or use it with the phrase "of all time" of refer to
this as a "rank". Only Rank History placement should be used for historic rankings.

If I continue to see and hear "History Scores" used to define the
quality of a Bot I will simply remove the History Scores from BotRank.

<not a rank>1416.772950 VD3326/72006-06-16
<not a rank>1402.699180 Demise1414/02016-06-04
<not a rank>1390.667986 Micro Drive2117/42014-08-03
<not a rank>1352.591571 Pissed Off Unicorn3625/112016-09-11
<not a rank>1331.187512 Under Construction1311/22010-09-12
<not a rank>1326.108320 Router109/12005-02-19
<not a rank>1314.214984 Fajita1310/32015-11-07
<not a rank>1312.679886 Dust Bunny1310/32016-10-01
<not a rank>1303.286661 Killer Shrew98/12004-10-16
<not a rank>1296.306233 VDF76/12005-11-12
<not a rank>1290.163432 P150108/22009-07-11
<not a rank>1278.900702 The Joke44/02008-06-13
<not a rank>1278.120736 Mr. Bigglesworth76/12007-05-19
<not a rank>1273.340263 Doodle Bug97/22009-07-11
<not a rank>1269.803295 Puppy Patter44/02005-07-02
<not a rank>1268.680824 Deimos65/12006-02-18
<not a rank>1268.121933 Crabby1610/62015-11-07
<not a rank>1267.247907 Tiny Terror86/22014-08-03
<not a rank>1265.693976 Vendetta Jr86/22012-04-20
<not a rank>1261.815761 The Tracked Terror86/22015-02-20
<not a rank>1258.337068 Crisp1710/72008-06-13
<not a rank>1257.800883 inVertigo2314/92016-09-11
<not a rank>1253.265752 lolcat149/52013-02-15
<not a rank>1251.349810 Scarlet33/02011-10-15
<not a rank>1250.163479 Little Destroyer33/02003-12-13
<not a rank>1249.595681 Little Buzz33/02007-11-03
<not a rank>1248.133286 Pooky75/22005-09-17
<not a rank>1247.469331 Kankle Killer54/12006-09-16
<not a rank>1246.755261 Bar Buster148/62016-11-12
<not a rank>1246.610542 Millstone75/22016-11-12
<not a rank>1246.588223 Champ75/22004-04-17
<not a rank>1244.765762 Nano Toxin64/22016-09-11
<not a rank>1243.982489 The Slicer-Dicer54/12009-07-18
<not a rank>1243.566293 Ghost of Capricant64/22016-06-25
<not a rank>1241.406517 Termite43/12004-10-16
<not a rank>1238.689345 Baby Bunny127/52007-06-14
<not a rank>1237.661864 no fly zone148/62015-09-15
<not a rank>1237.282541 Buzzing Flea43/12007-05-19
<not a rank>1235.039403 Blue Bell43/12017-03-12
<not a rank>1235.000000 Bleuhh Cheese22/02014-07-19
<not a rank>1233.414459 Uppercut22/02008-07-12
<not a rank>1232.930471 DM-150106/42006-09-09
<not a rank>1231.214932 Dark Bullit2413/112007-06-14
<not a rank>1229.398515 Lefty127/52010-09-12
<not a rank>1225.327665 I Kid95/42013-07-13
<not a rank>1223.423001 Skeet Skeet53/22007-06-14
<not a rank>1219.815679 Baby V2713/142012-02-18
<not a rank>1219.652164 Pissed Off Unicron11/02016-09-11
<not a rank>1219.549846 Thrash53/22012-07-14
<not a rank>1218.673514 D532/12004-02-20
<not a rank>1218.613323 Destroyer11/02006-09-16
<not a rank>1218.032963 poket53/22012-04-20
<not a rank>1217.994737 NanoRaptor53/22012-04-20
<not a rank>1217.500000 Berkerker11/02011-08-06
<not a rank>1217.500000 Little Flounder32/12003-12-13
<not a rank>1217.464238 Car 211/02005-09-17
<not a rank>1217.460597 Wedgey53/22017-03-12
<not a rank>1216.912582 Flying Wedge11/02011-10-15
<not a rank>1216.854818 Puckpud32/12006-04-08
<not a rank>1216.632314 Robo Sushi53/22006-02-18
<not a rank>1216.476522 Little Red Riding Hood11/02015-04-25
<not a rank>1216.326486 :-)32/12004-02-20
<not a rank>1215.798139 Low Rider32/12011-10-15
<not a rank>1215.795525 Fury Jr53/22012-04-20
<not a rank>1215.758706 Stig32/12011-10-15
<not a rank>1214.960692 Blood Wrencher32/12009-07-18
<not a rank>1208.495748 Humming Bird42/22015-02-20
<not a rank>1205.880400 Floppy Bot42/22014-08-03
<not a rank>1205.525231 Do you even Lift42/22014-07-19
<not a rank>1205.471209 Denise21/12016-02-21
<not a rank>1204.941947 Pocket84/42015-04-05
<not a rank>1204.252692 The Bat Wedge21/12015-10-17
<not a rank>1203.389597 Dirty Sanchez84/42012-07-14
<not a rank>1202.484436 Krabby21/12015-06-06
<not a rank>1202.093016 Not Quite A VD42/22008-02-15
<not a rank>1201.795544 Little Bit42/22013-05-10
<not a rank>1201.676839 Robo-Sushi42/22008-02-15
<not a rank>1201.659988 My Little Kitty42/22015-11-07
<not a rank>1201.658325 Scoop21/12016-06-25
<not a rank>1201.494482 Amoeba42/22004-04-17
<not a rank>1200.926456 Littlebox42/22005-02-19
<not a rank>1200.872918 Ixi the Pixie42/22007-05-19
<not a rank>1200.123114 slice42/22015-09-15
<not a rank>1200.019725 Lil Zerker21/12003-09-27
<not a rank>1199.942816 Kongol42/22012-02-18
<not a rank>1199.488249 0-263/32007-11-03
<not a rank>1199.066539 Flee Wee21/12015-04-25
<not a rank>1198.868280 Change of Heart199/102007-02-18
<not a rank>1198.862690 Car 342/22005-09-17
<not a rank>1198.562415 Pooki31/22005-11-12
<not a rank>1198.315029 Cuda Bait42/22004-05-29
<not a rank>1198.296873 Big Dog's Brother21/12011-06-18
<not a rank>1198.276492 Subvert42/22014-08-03
<not a rank>1189.806977 Mustachio115/62016-09-11
<not a rank>1189.698449 Skeeter from Hell73/42006-11-18
<not a rank>1188.204970 Yolo31/22014-07-19
<not a rank>1188.162916 Micro Spar-kee31/22016-09-11
<not a rank>1187.872625 Thunderbolt73/42016-10-01
<not a rank>1186.940623 Not Amusing31/22007-06-14
<not a rank>1186.892464 Nano Nightmare2210/122011-11-12
<not a rank>1186.880489 Wobbly wedge31/22005-03-24
<not a rank>1186.826827 Fright Blade73/42006-02-18
<not a rank>1185.713314 Meh31/22005-02-19
<not a rank>1185.203269 Pico Touro73/42015-04-05
<not a rank>1184.710680 Striker Terror10/12006-11-18
<not a rank>1183.783607 Keres31/22013-02-15
<not a rank>1183.737457 Moustache31/22011-08-06
<not a rank>1183.674606 Paper Cut73/42006-05-27
<not a rank>1183.671110 OMG31/22005-09-17
<not a rank>1183.580127 Twisted Fate31/22011-11-12
<not a rank>1183.557895 Sir LiftaBOT31/22015-11-07
<not a rank>1183.460661 Ugly Duckling157/82007-02-18
<not a rank>1183.321545 Trancendental Terror 1.031/22012-02-18
<not a rank>1183.267930 Gyroscope10/12013-02-15
<not a rank>1183.149297 Black Sheep31/22011-08-06
<not a rank>1183.137212 Falcon Bot52/32010-05-15
<not a rank>1183.111327 Crunchberry31/22014-08-03
<not a rank>1183.107134 Puckpump31/22006-04-08
<not a rank>1183.085484 Dan's D31/22005-09-24
<not a rank>1183.049293 Fry Shaker31/22005-01-22
<not a rank>1183.048054 Cow-A-Socky10/12004-09-03
<not a rank>1182.801321 Siphonaptera10/12015-04-05
<not a rank>1182.745682 Robotussin168/82015-04-05
<not a rank>1182.705869 Die Flut31/22004-10-16
<not a rank>1182.698403 Billy Dan31/22014-07-19
<not a rank>1182.500000 Microtank31/22003-12-13
<not a rank>1182.500000 Speed Wedge UK31/22017-03-12
<not a rank>1182.251529 IttyBittyKitty31/22015-04-05
<not a rank>1181.859805 Little Red Ridding Hood10/12015-04-25
<not a rank>1181.470773 PureEvil31/22005-09-17
<not a rank>1181.435972 Ball-of-Doom10/12013-05-10
<not a rank>1181.326947 Crim31/22011-02-18
<not a rank>1180.430938 last minute31/22015-09-15
<not a rank>1179.413784 Silly Kitty31/22015-04-05
<not a rank>1176.620419 Mango Farmer178/92011-07-23
<not a rank>1175.135793 Ground Beef62/42005-06-18
<not a rank>1172.173033 Anto 341/32014-05-04
<not a rank>1171.438102 Magic Blue Smoke20/22016-06-04
<not a rank>1171.405799 Pocket Touro20/22008-06-13
<not a rank>1171.243045 Bluehh Cheese20/22014-07-19
<not a rank>1171.179286 Brutus104/62011-02-18
<not a rank>1170.553582 Bia20/22016-02-21
<not a rank>1169.641243 Groot20/22015-10-17
<not a rank>1168.477580 Scorpy41/32011-10-15
<not a rank>1168.093925 O'Reginald Name20/22016-06-25
<not a rank>1167.859182 misa20/22006-06-16
<not a rank>1167.858205 Itty Bitty Kitty20/22015-11-07
<not a rank>1167.764259 Yellowjacket20/22016-10-01
<not a rank>1167.732925 Itsy Bitsy Spider20/22015-02-20
<not a rank>1167.335775 Steve-O114/72006-02-18
<not a rank>1167.117158 Destroyer of Grass20/22006-09-16
<not a rank>1166.722312 Hedge Hog20/22012-04-20
<not a rank>1166.644249 Minor Threat20/22004-10-16
<not a rank>1166.299338 HPD20/22007-06-14
<not a rank>1166.193149 4 wheel grind20/22005-09-24
<not a rank>1166.190376 Goliath20/22004-07-24
<not a rank>1166.156658 the menace20/22015-09-15
<not a rank>1166.155133 Anto320/22012-04-20
<not a rank>1166.147583 Tuna Bot20/22010-05-15
<not a rank>1166.115765 Not sure20/22011-10-15
<not a rank>1166.056262 Caterpillar83/52012-07-14
<not a rank>1165.659565 What is That20/22005-02-19
<not a rank>1165.587418 Egg Vain20/22011-10-15
<not a rank>1165.587418 Tamahawk20/22012-04-20
<not a rank>1165.567714 Omnomnomnomnomnomnom20/22014-08-03
<not a rank>1165.567693 CRAP20/22005-09-17
<not a rank>1165.567693 Dozer20/22003-09-27
<not a rank>1165.567693 Groundbreaker20/22005-01-22
<not a rank>1165.188743 Electric Eye20/22016-09-11
<not a rank>1165.107755 Hai20/22011-08-06
<not a rank>1165.023894 yellow jacket20/22015-09-15
<not a rank>1165.020399 Mini Stump20/22012-04-20
<not a rank>1165.019725 Shazette20/22005-01-22
<not a rank>1165.018947 Micro Brick20/22006-05-27
<not a rank>1165.008462 Little Tin Can20/22016-11-12
<not a rank>1165.000000 BotRox20/22005-09-17
<not a rank>1165.000000 Gate Stop20/22014-07-19
<not a rank>1165.000000 Keep Back 50020/22004-05-22
<not a rank>1165.000000 Minimeli20/22012-04-20
<not a rank>1165.000000 Tiny Dancer20/22017-03-12
<not a rank>1164.986076 Masenko20/22011-02-18
<not a rank>1164.522527 Wobbly Wedge 0.920/22005-09-17
<not a rank>1164.489013 BluTank20/22011-06-18
<not a rank>1164.400039 Baby Wedge41/32016-05-14
<not a rank>1164.388160 Rosie the Littler20/22012-02-18
<not a rank>1164.348601 Hedgehog20/22012-02-18
<not a rank>1164.160975 Buzz Killington20/22008-06-13
<not a rank>1163.885019 DBA20/22005-07-02
<not a rank>1163.778664 Rebound156/92012-02-18
<not a rank>1163.760735 Tomahawk20/22012-02-18
<not a rank>1156.815923 Amish Pinwheel of Doom114/72005-11-12
<not a rank>1155.599973 Berzerker114/72013-05-10
<not a rank>1155.241404 Skeeter Eater51/42004-07-24
<not a rank>1154.041293 Baby B93/62016-11-12
<not a rank>1151.823690 Strike Terror93/62006-11-18
<not a rank>1151.119897 Tenacious Tinkerbell30/32013-02-15
<not a rank>1150.490971 Little D-Mon114/72006-02-18
<not a rank>1149.943759 Pookie30/32006-02-18
<not a rank>1149.912087 Wages of Sin30/32004-05-29
<not a rank>1149.755062 Corrupt Canine30/32004-05-29
<not a rank>1149.241294 Pygmy Python30/32006-04-08
<not a rank>1148.744473 Fairy from Hell30/32004-05-29
<not a rank>1148.673514 Bert30/32004-02-20
<not a rank>1147.762000 Atom Bomb124/82015-04-05
<not a rank>1136.503774 Mini Stumpy165/112016-06-25
<not a rank>1135.014201 I.R.D40/42007-05-19
<not a rank>1133.978839 Little Red Bug40/42004-04-17
<not a rank>1119.718330 I.R.D.50/52008-09-13
<not a rank>1118.866901 War Criminal50/52010-09-12
<not a rank>1107.641612 Mini Kat60/62005-06-18